Clayton Restaurants

10995 Carleton Rd Clayton, MI 49235 / (517) 445-2702

Clayton PS Mart is to go-to delicatessen found in the Clayton area of Michigan. If you find yourself in the Flint area looking for a fresh sandwich or other deli delicacy such as ambrosia, pasta and potato salad, this is the place where you'll find the absolute best selections. Behind the counter, there are always friendly individuals who are eager to help you in a quick and efficient manor. Be sure to check your local newspaper for money saving coupons on their delicious sandwiches and side dishes. Don't be shy to ask the butcher for a sample of what you have your eye on.

116 N Main St Blissfield, MI 49228 / (517) 486-2144

The Main Street Stable & Tavern isn't actually a's named and decorated in memory of the owners old stable, and that gives this place an undeniable atmosphere. This is an establishment you wont want to miss when Christmas time rolls around. The lights are impressive, and the holiday wines that they serve are out of this world. There's a craft beer menu that will surely have you returning, while the daily homemade soup specials are sure to knock out any Winter cold. Try the Main Street Stable and Tavern when you're in the Blissfield area of Michigan, you won't be disappointed.

110 S Evans St Tecumseh, MI 49286 / (517) 424-5555

We love Evan's Street Station in Tecumseh, Michigan. It's not too far from Flint and Clayton, so be sure to give this establishment a try when you want to try something new. They have spirits here that are as much as 20 years old through the aging process, so you can be certain that whatever you order here will be of the utmost quality. The Brie & Prosciutto Sandwich is definitely something you wont be able to get enough of. The service is always impeccable here, and the drinks are really doesn't get much better than that when you're looking for a new bar!

104 E Main St Manchester, MI 48158 / (734) 428-8003

A great night out in the Clayton area starts at Frank's Place in Manchester. You can ask around all of the locals, there's truly no better place to enjoy a slice of pie. The salad bar here is in a different league of all of the others we've seen in the area, and it's worth the price, plus some. With the freshest ingredients in the area, affordable pricing, and friendly service, we can see why this is steadily the most popular pizzeria in the Manchester area. Where else can you enjoy toppings such as Broccoli? Vegetarians will absolutely love Frank's Place when it comes to selection.