Fenton Restaurants

15258 Silver Pkwy Fenton, MI 48430 / (810) 433-0712

Fenton Deli is the prime delicatessen in Fenton. With the food selection here, you won't be surprised that it's such a popular establishment to frequent for delicious sandwiches and sides. The sandwiches here go above and beyond what you're used to when it comes to franchise sandwich building outlets. The fresh ingredients don't go unnoticed, the food has a standard that is always upheld, and the submarine sandwich of the month is always a welcome surprise at the beginning of the month. The portion size is another reason why you'll return!

2461 North Rd Fenton, MI 48430 / (810) 750-0507

Beale St Smokehouse BBQ has flavor that you wont soon forget, and we really mean that! This barbeque joint is attaches to a gas station, so it's totally convenient, especially for those who happen across it while they're travelling. The live music on the weekends is a great surprise when you're expecting a quiet, calm atmosphere. With an award for the best barbeque in Genessee County, you can be certain that your visit here will be a successful one. The Family Meal comes with two sides, and an impressive amount of meat such as brisket, pulled pork, as well as chicken.

125 W Shiawassee Ave Fenton, MI 48430 / (810) 629-8852

The Laundry has a lot to offer the residents of Fenton, Michigan. This isn't just a bakery, it's also a juice and smoothie bar, as well as the top destination for breakfast and brunch in the area. The bakery even carries Zingerman's pastries, so there's no reason not to take something sweet home for later when the satiated feeling subsides. The French Onion Soup here is a must try, that is, if they haven't sold out of it by the time you arrive. The sandwich options will have you coming here for days on end to try them all out...it's all for a great price, so why not?

201 S Leroy St Fenton, MI 48430 / (810) 936-0442

Fenton Fire Hall is a new American dining establishment located in the Fenton area of Michigan, and it's making quite a splash. With House Made Cinnamon Swirl Bread, Armadillo Eggs, Korean Pork Tacos, Brussel Sprout Salad, Macaroni and Cheese, Jalapeno Cheddar Pork Links, and more, you might have a little trouble figuring out exactly what to order when you come here. If you're familiar with the Clarkston Union, the same owners have thought up this fantastic eatery. They even let you sampler their amazing craft beers before you decide on what you want to order.