Flushing Restaurants

766 Chamberlain St Flushing, MI 48433 / (810) 659-4281

Gina's Pizza is the best spot for homemade pizza in the Flushing area. We know that there are tons of options when you want a pizza pie, but trust us, there's nothing as great at this! We love the simple garlic bread that is simply white bread with cheese and garlic seasoning. Some locals speak of a stomach ache after eating here, and that's from eating too much of this deliciousness. With impeccable service that pays attention to detail, it wont be long before you're returning to eat their famous Hawaiian pizza. Try out the amazing Italian sub.

126 E Main St Flushing, MI 48433 / (810) 659-6916

Kathy's Restaurant & Lounge has some top notch food and a dining experience to match. This is the closest you'll get to fine dining in the area, and it's truly a great option for any night. Be sure to try out the Queen Cut Prime Rib, Chicken and Dumpling Soup, Charboiled Chicken with BBQ sauce, Mashed Potatoes with Asian Slaw, and all of the starred entrees that you'll find on the menu. Their sandwich, The Depot, is a fantastic option for a filling, hearty, yet affordable lunch in the Flushing area. They have a banquet room for those planning a special event.

240 W Main St Flushing, MI 48433 / (810) 487-1020

Johnny's Pour House is our local watering hole. The refills are always quick, the service is always quick and friendly, and the food is flavorful as ever. We really love the fish and chips, BLT, and fried pickle appetizers here. This pub like restaurant will remind you of the friendliest bar you're used to seeing on the television, and like their slogan, you will be returning. The owner will greet you when you walk through the door, and also ensures you're having a satisfactory dining experience throughout your stay. Don't leave without trying their famous mushroom dish.

200 S Cherry St Flushing, MI 48433 / (810) 659-3401

Flushing A is one of the original six locations of these types of restaurants, so we know you're going to enjoy the authentic burger car hop experience from the 50's. They host antique car shows here, and that goes to show that they're committed to the authentic experience that you're looking for. The fries are freshly made each and every day here in the shoestring style, and the crispy texture is out of this world. Whether you're looking for a simple coney, a hamburger, or something more sweet like a milkshake, you'll certainly be able to find it at this spot.