Gaines Restaurants

114 Genesee Ave Gaines, MI 48436 / (989) 271-8518

Gaines Bar is certainly known as the local watering hole for miles around this town! That's because this American bar has gone above and beyond to make a name for themselves in this area. We admire their commitment to their kitchen and providing locals with the very best dining experience imaginable. The beer is always ice cold here, the prices are right, and the waitresses are eager to ensure that you're having a positive experience. Be sure to follow this pub on Facebook, as they're known to offer deals and incentives every now and again to loyal customers.

132 S Saginaw St Byron, MI 48418 / (810) 266-5034

We love Matador's for all of the Italian favorites that we can't seem to duplicate at home. One of them, of course, being pizza! We absolutely love pizza here, and we can't go without it. Like any American, we're sure you feel the same! There are many unique specialty pizzas for you to choose from at this local establishment, and that's not all. They're going through the process of getting their liquor license, so soon you'll be able to enjoy a cold one with your favorite slice of pie in the Gaines area of Michigan. Don't forget an order of breadsticks with your meal!

102 N Saginaw St Durand, MI 48429 / (989) 288-6400

Nick's Hometown Grill is one of those bars in the Gaines area that you always hear others talking about. Well, it's time to come check it out for yourself! There's no better bar in the area for fresh food, cold beer, and attentive service. If you don't take our word for it, just ask around! One local, Jane, absolutely loved the Onion Sandwich. If you see her, be sure to ask her how it was! The Chicken Club Sandwich is another great selection for those who want to fill up during lunch time without breaking the bank completely. We know you're going to love the portion sizes here.

119 Warren St Bancroft, MI 48414 / (989) 634-5455

Pirates Cove is our all time favorite dive bar in the Gaines area. This is a gathering spot for the local bikers, there's no doubt about that. You can imagine the atmosphere to be a little smokey with loud music playing, and you wouldn't be far from the truth. The menu has all of the favorites that you're used to, such as salads and hamburgers. The burgers here are served on grilled texas toast, and that truly makes a difference in the end result of flavor. When it comes down to it, this is a lovely place to get some food and drink, so be sure to bring a friend or two.