Genesee Restaurants

4492 Richfield Rd Genesee, MI 48437 / (810) 743-7470

Wah Nam Restaurant is a family favorite in Genesee, and most locals have been coming here since they were children, so it's safe to say that this is a familiar restaurant offering comforting favorites. Some might view this as a hole in the wall, while others view it as a nostalgiac favorite that hasn't changed for decades. With true Chinese food without all of the extra grease, you're certain to enjoy the flavors here. Almond Boneless Chicken, Egg Rolls, Pork Fried Rice, it's all here and it's all made to order with fresh ingredients, the first and foremost being love.

132 S Saginaw St Byron, MI 48418 / (810) 266-5034

Bob's Original Pizza is the pizza place you need to visit to restore your faith in the cheesy pizza pie! We know many pizza places in the area disappoint by skimping on toppings, pricing things above and won't find any of those things happening here. All you'll encounter is good food, great service, and a check that doesn't break the bank at the end of the experience, and that's what truly counts when it comes to dining out. The strombolis, submarine sandwiches, desserts, and sides are all worth trying here. Be sure to try their lasagna dish to try something different.

7471 North Genesee Road Genesee, MI 48437 / (810) 640-1595

The Classic Coney Island sounds exactly like what it offers...the best in authentic coneys when you want something delicious and quick. Everyone knows that Michigan is the place to go for a coney, but where do you turn when you only want the best? This place also offers meals such as breakfast and brunch, so you're definitely going to be able to satiate yourself at any point of the day. Where else can you order Eggs Benedict at a coney in the Genesee area? This is the place to be when you want a sizeable plate, but not a huge bill to go alongside it. Chow down!

12005 N Saginaw St Mount Morris, MI 48458 / (810) 687-2837

Old Time Billiards isn't just your standard, hole in the wall pool hall that you're used to in your local community. In fact, this pool hall is certain to go above and beyond your expectations. This place has just started to serve appetizers for you to enjoy, such as Jalapeno Poppers, Pretzels and Cheese, Hot Wings, and more. This is fantastic when you want something to much on while you play a friendly game of pool with your local buddies. Be sure to ask your waitress if they're running any specials on appetizers with pool rental time, it's really worth it!