35 Passenger Charter Bus

This is a coach bus from Flint Charter Bus! Enjoy the roomy comfort of this fine charter bus with a maximum capacity of 35. This is the choice for groups comprised of up to 35 passengers. What this bus lacks in size, it give back with the flexibility we can offer for groups that don't need a bus that has room for 50+ passengers. Flint Charter Bus prides itself on offering flexible options for groups of all sizes!

  •   ❁ This is the perfect choice for small to mid sized groups.
  •   ❁ Each and every passenger will appreciate the entertainment options available in each seating area.
  •   ❁ Bring your laptop along and enjoy being plugged in via our seating area power outlets and on-board WiFi.
  •   ❁ Great storage options with in cabin storage as well as an under compartment storage area for larger luggage.
  •   ❁ Enjoy the ultimate comfort with our exclusive reclining seats replete with luxurious padding.