30 Passenger

Our smallest offering has no shortage of features! You'll find this bus as comfortable and smooth as any in our fleet, and it comes at a price that won't set your group back to the point where you won't have money to spend at your destination. This is the prime benefit of offering various sizes of coaches to choose from, it allows us to tailor a package to suit your needs.

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  •   ❁ Comfortable seating for up to 30 passengers.
  •   ❁ Individual flat panel televisions.
  •   ❁ Climate controlled interior.
  •   ❁ Reclining seats.
  •   ❁ Great for smaller corporate parties.

35 Passenger

Our next step up the ladder is our fine offering of a 35 passenger max capacity Charter Bus. This one has a little bit more size to offer if our 30 passenger Charter Bus is just not big enough. You'll find all the amenities you've come to expect from Flint Charter Bus' high standards for comfort, entertainment options, and bus selection.

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  •   ❁ Accommodation for up to 35 adult passengers.
  •   ❁ Plenty of entertainment amenities! TV's, DVD players, CD players, all with headphone jacks.
  •   ❁ Enjoy the comfort of our climate controlled interior.
  •   ❁ The ultimate comfort in our roomy seating options.
  •   ❁ Bus conveniently equipped with a restroom facility.

40 Passenger

Our mid sized cross country coach will comfortably seat up to fourty adults with luggage. You'll find this beautiful bus is not lacking at all in the feature department with plush and roomy reclining seating, cupholders, and entertainment amenities right in the Charter Bus' individual seating area.

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  •   ❁ Comfortably accommodate up to 40 adult passengers.
  •   ❁ Appreciate our spacious passenger area storage, as well as a full cargo area under the seating area.
  •   ❁ Travel in the comfort of our fine climate controlled passenger compartment.
  •   ❁ Sit back and relax in our reclining passenger seating.
  •   ❁ Don't worry about having to "go" on the road! Our 40 passenger bus is equipped with a washroom facility.

45 Passenger

This 45 passenger bus is the perfect Charter Bus choice for long trips as well as for guided tour type excursions. As with each and every one of our buses, you'll find this class to be packed with comfort and entertainment amenities which will help pass the time as your group is on the road.

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  •   ❁ Enjoy the luxury of elegant leather seating in our 45 passenger Charter Bus!
  •   ❁ Ample storage with luggage compartments in the cabin as well as beneath the passenger compartment.
  •   ❁ Never suffer insufferable heat while traveling again! Our cabins are all climate controlled.
  •   ❁ Enjoy ultimate comfort in leather reclinging seats.
  •   ❁ Keep the journey going, even when you have to. Our 45 passenger buses are equipped with restrooms.

50 Passenger

Our flagship 50 passenger Charter Bus is set and ready to take you anywhere your group needs to go. We'll do it in ultimate comfort and style as this full featured coach bus delivers in every place that it counts! You'll find ultimate comfort in our seating area, as well as a full array of entertainment amenities to insure that time passes quickly while we're on the road.

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  •   ❁ Comfortable, plush reclining seats available in leather or cloth.
  •   ❁ Sufficient storage with overhead/underseat cabin and under cabin storage.
  •   ❁ Travel with us in climate controlled comfort... regardless of the temperature outside.
  •   ❁ Enjoy the fun entertainment options offered. DVD's, TV's, Radio, headphone jacks, as well as reading lights.
  •   ❁ Enjoy the convenience of on-board restrooms.