A bit of information about Flint Charter Bus:

Flint Charter Bus is an organization of superb individuals who work toward our constant goal of customer satisfaction. We have been fortunate in our objective of obtaining the best people in the industry to work with our clientele, maintain our buses, keep our fleet clean and new, and to handle the driving duties. Our mantra of "taking care of those who take care of you" applies to our employees as well as our great base of customers. This has proven to be an effective strategy in retaining the best people in the industry, as well as promoting our business via word-of-mouth. In order to gain your recommendation, it is imperative to be able to have great people working toward the satisfaction that earns your trust. This trust is what keeps our business steadily growing and moving forward.

We pride ourselves on the comfort and quality of our entire fleet... Regardless of the size of the bus, or the event which it will handle. It is our policy to give you our best effort, no matter what the circumstances are. From the moment of your booking on forward, you'll know that our professionalism is on display. What you won't see though, is that we work around the clock to insure that our fleet is kept up and running, and in the best condition possible for each and every one of our valued clients:

  •   ❁ Licensed master mechanics insure bus mechanical operability.
  •   ❁ Professional, meticulous detailers insure the cleanliness of each and every vehicle.
  •   ❁ Highly trained drivers always strive to be early to the scheduled event.
  •   ❁ Electronics experts insure that the entertainment equipment and WiFi is always working perfectly.

We started this organization with the hopes of providing a good service, and at a great price. It has grown into so much more, as we've become an industry leader in customer satisfaction, as well as in low pricing standards. We are quite pleased to be able to say that our competition is not happy to know that our customers are always so positive about their experiences with us.