Flint Charter Bus Pricing Policies and Procedures

You will find many different practices throughout the Charter Bus industry with regards to pricing and how reservations are handled.

At Flint Charter Bus, our policy is simple: Offer a flexible rate, with a fixed profit percentage based around operating costs and expenses. With this pricing policy, we've found that we can consisently offer you the industries most competetive rates while still maintaining a cashflow to insure that our buses are kept in optimal shape. For specific pricing requests, feel free to Contact Us for a detailed quote.

When you do contact us for pricing, please have the following information handy so that we can efficiently offer you an accurate quote:

If you have the above information handy, we'll be able to offer you a concise and accurate pricing for your event in just one phone call. If you don't happen to have all the information handy, no worries... We'll just let you know what we need in order to faciliate your request.