Flint Charter Bus Services offered:

When you are looking to transport a large number of people in comfort, convenience, and style... all for a reasonable price, you can count on the great people here at Flint Charter Bus to deliver just what you need.

You'll find that our top of the line Charter Buses are great for a vast amount of events and goings-on. Regardless of what you're up against, we are sure that we'll be able to deliver a quality Charter Bus to accommodate you and your guests. For some ideas on what events our Charter Bus services are ideal for, just read onto the list below:

  •   ❁ Group tours. Including winery tours and sightseeing tours
  •   ❁ Corporate events. We'll offer comfortable accommodation for all of your business colleagues for any corporate seminar or conferences.
  •   ❁ Sporting events, and team travel.
  •   ❁ Any type of fundraising event.
  •   ❁ School field trips are much more comfortable in a climate controlled Flint Charter Bus.
  •   ❁ Group trips to any of the casinos in the area.
  •   ❁ Amusement park trips to Michigan's Adventure or Cedar Point.
  •   ❁ Public rallies.
  •   ❁ Any event which requires the transit of 30 or more people!

Of course, your event might not be within the constraints listed above. That's okay. It's just a simple guideline to go by. Flint Charter Bus' service is great for an almost infinite amount of events and purposes. For example, if you're needing back and forth shuttle service, we can even accommodate something like that.

You might wonder why one might contract the services of a charter bus over personal vehicles when transporting your group. We are happy to offer a few good reasons that make Charter Bus service preferable to multiple vehicles facilitating your travel.

  •   ❁ With current fuel prices, you'll find a Charter Bus more affordable than you'd think.
  •   ❁ We can offer a customized travel route tailored to the specific interests of who is on board.
  •   ❁ If you need flexibility, and might require last minute changes to your travel plans, you'll find that changing the plan with everyone in one vehicle is a lot easier than it would be for 10+ vehicles.
  •   ❁ You'll get just the right vehicle for your required capacity with Flint Charter Bus' extensive fleet.
  •   ❁ The likelyhood of a cancelled flight is very high with relation to the reliability and track record of our Charter Buses. Get to your destination on time, and with no airport hustle and bustle.
  •   ❁ Avoid the nickle and diming of the airline industry with no baggage fees aboard our buses.
  •   ❁ Our highly trained, professional drivers have impeccable driving safety records.
  •   ❁ Comfortable and time-passing amenities are included. Reclining, comfortable seating, televisions, DVD players, and Wi-Fi on some of our vehicles.
  •   ❁ Conduct your time taking care of business, or enjoying one of your hobbies while on the road, while our driver takes care of the worry of driving.