Frequently Asked Questions about our service

Can the reservation be cancelled?
Once you have paid the deposit or the full amount, you cannot cancel. You will have to pay the full amount whether you use the service or not. You also cannot change the date of your reservation. Depending on availability, you might be able to change the time earlier/later or upgrade/downgrade your bus.

Is it possible to rent a bus for just one hour?
Unfortunately, no. All of our rentals require a six hour minimum rental, with the exception of weddings which ends earlier than 7 P.M.

Do you allow smoking in any of your vehicles?
No smoking is allowed. This is so the interiors can stay fresh for each of our customers. You do have unlimited stops so you can tell the chauffeur when you need to stop and they will pull over at the safest spot.

Is alcohol served on any of your vehicles?
We do not provide you with alcohol and we don't service you alcohol. You may bring your own alcohol. Everyone must be over 21 years of age or there is not alcohol allowed on the buses.

Are there limitations on where we can travel while renting a bus from you?
You can go anywhere in Michigan in your reserved time. If you want, you can drive 3 hours one way and turn around and come back. You have unlimited stops and unlimited miles.

What hidden fees are there?
None! We don't keep anything from you. We will tell you every potential charge you may come across. You will never have a charge that you don't know about. The only charges you'll really see if damage or cleaning fees if you damage the bus or leave it extremely dirty.

What do you recomment for service outside Michigan?
We have some options for you. Check out our partners websites at Party Bus Tallahassee and Albuquerque Party Bus.

Are children allowed?
Absolutely! Great way to travel with kids with each seat having a TV, DVD player and more. If there are those under 21 years of age, their cannot be a single drop of alcohol on the buses.